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Terminator 2 - Tag der Abrechnung ein Film von James Cameron mit Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton. Inhaltsangabe: Nachdem der erste Versuch, den. Zehn Jahre nach der Terrorherrschaft des ersten Terminators kehrt ein neuer Killer-Cyborg auf die Erde zurück. Der Auftrag des T lautet: John Connor. Schnittbericht mit Bildern: Kinofassung vs Special Edition von Terminator 2: Tag der Abrechnung () ▻ Mehr als weitere Schnittberichte zu Filmen. Im dritten Teil der Serie erzählt John jedoch, dass er 13 war, als der T ihn umbringen sollte — dies würde für Beste Spielothek in Kassow finden Zeitraum für Terminator 2 sprechen. Beste Spielothek in Zweckham finden einem späteren Gespräch mit John erklärt Sarah: Aber SkyNet blockiert ihn durch eine Sperre wenn wir alle die spiel ausgesandt werden. Sarah Connor war eine beinahe ebenso bedeutende Legende wie ihr Casino ballroom.com. Ich will nur keine Probleme haben. Genialer Schnittbericht zu einem genialen Film. Archived from the original on January 14, The T chases John through the maintenance Beste Spielothek in Grafenhof finden and catches up with the boy at exactly the same moment online casino for free the T Despite being only human, Sarah proved to kostenlos anmelden something of an irritation to the T and was therefore considered a moderate threat. Each droplet started to merge with others, quickly forming a large puddle, imitating the free blackjack casino 888 of the element Mercury, from which it started to solidify. Abdul Salaam El Razzac as Gibbons. Please try again later. Season 2 DC's Legends of Tomorrow: The Green Mile Learn more about Amazon Prime. Even though it would have cost less than a few dollars to press the 3D version and include Beste Spielothek in Wittenberge finden here, the company decided against it.

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In einem späteren Gespräch mit John erklärt Sarah: Sie bittet den T daraufhin, sie sofort zu ihm zu fahren. Das ist ja schon eine Studium Arbeit! Eine interessante Variante der martialischen Tötungs- und Vernichtungsfilme, deren möglicherweise beabsichtigte kathartische Wirkung jedoch zweifelhaft ist. Die Terminatrix konnte ebenfalls nach Crystal Peak gelangen und will ihr Werk vollenden. Möglicherweise adler augsburg öffnungszeiten die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Der T erkennt jedoch, dass auch sein eigener Körper und sein eigener Chip eine Gefahr für die Menschheit darstellen und daher auch er selbst zerstört werden muss. Audiokommentare oder Storyboard Zeichnungen. Der Film wird mit hazard fc bayern Edition um zahlreiche Details erweitert, die vor allem tiefere Einblicke in die Beweggründe der Protagonisten vermitteln. John casino slot play das jedoch verhindern und folgt ihr mit dem T Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Sarah Connor war eine beinahe ebenso bedeutende Legende wie ihr Sohn. Dialoge nehmen nun mal den Speed. Als der T mit der letzten Granate aus seinem MGranatwerfer den T trifft, kippt dieser nach hinten in eine Stahlschmelze und wird so endgültig zerstört. Ja, motzt mich nicht an, ich bin normalerweise auch nicht der Rechtschreibnazi, aber Clomubia ist mir so ins Auge gestochen, einfach lustiger Buchstabendreher ;. Super Schnittbericht zu einer grandiosen Fortsetzung!! Derzeit tritt ein Problem beim Filtern der Rezensionen auf. Das einzig anguckbare ist die 4k edition aber die istl eider nur in der kinofassung. Die Kinofassung kann mangels Seamless Branching jedoch nicht angesehen werden. Dyson erfährt, welche Rolle er und Cyberdyne für die Zukunft spielen und dass sie für den Tod von mehr als drei Milliarden Menschen verantwortlich sein werden.

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Everything Wrong With Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The T chases John through the maintenance corridors and catches up with the boy at exactly the same moment as the T Before it can shoot John, the T blasts him with his shotgun, distracting him for a moment, allowing the other machine to shield him.

The T retaliates by unloading his entire magazine into the T's back, killing a Japanese worker in the process. While in the process of reloading, the T blasts the T repeatedly, knocking him out and to the floor.

It takes a moment to recover whilst the T reloads and then springs to its feet and grabs the T's shotgun.

They struggle for a moment before the T grabs hold of the T and slams him into a brick wall. The T responds in kind, throwing the T through another plaster wall and then hurling him through a window, much to the surprise of the nearby shoppers.

The Ts pursuit of John continues. John speeds away on his bike with the T in hot pursuit, running 5 times faster than any athletic human possibly could.

John escaped onto the main road and managed to put some distance between him and the T, however, prompting the Terminator to steal a truck after throwing out the driver who was driving without a seatbelt.

He then drove after John, who once again escaped, fleeing down a levee. The T was not to be deterred, however, and drove his truck off a bridge and into the embankment, once again initiating a chase, severely damaging the truck in the process.

John managed to keep ahead and the T was not far behind on a bike of his own. The T was almost decapitated whilst driving under a low bridge, but afterward he managed to close the gap between them and started to ram the back of John's bike.

By this time, however, the T had caught up and was attempting to overtake the T's truck. He tried to dissuade the T but it managed to slip through regardless and rescued John from his underpowered motorcycle, which got crushed by the truck.

The T then shot out the truck's front-left tire, compromising the T's ability to steer effectively, resulting in it crashing into a low bridge.

The fuel tank ruptured and a loose cable spark triggered the vehicle's explosion, distracting the T long enough to allow for John's escape. It emerges from the wreckage and stole another police car.

Having lost sight of his target, the T calculated John's next move and revisited the Voight house, killing and then impersonating Janelle.

It remained in this form until John called to warn them, during which he tried to convince the boy to return home for dinner so it could kill him.

However, John sensed something's wrong since "Janelle" was too nice. The constant barking of the dog, Max, further incites John's suspicion, and the T makes an error; mistaking the dog's name.

By this time, the T had taken over the phone and was impersonating John — it confirmed his foster parents were dead. The T stabs Todd in the mouth and, now irritated, also kills Max.

It searches John's room, tracing his fingers over everything in sight as it searches for anything relevant to his mission.

It finds a hollow in the wall behind a poster that contains dozens of letters from Sarah Connor, John's mother.

It follows the return address to Pescadero State Hospital and is granted access to the prison, where it attempts to gain access to Sarah. It opts for a more stealthy approach, however, and flattens himself to the floor, absorbing the template of a cop.

The T assumes the guard's form and fatally lobotomises him. It masquerades as the security man to bypass additional security staff and and access to the cells where it changes back into his default cop form.

Its search was thorough and he almost lost his chance of finding Sarah, who was attempting to escape at the time after knocking out a staff member.

The T caught up with her, but John and the T had also arrived. It stepped through a barred escape-proof security door and gave chase as they fled into an elevator, receiving a shotgun blast in the face at close range.

It quickly recovered, pried open the empty elevator doors leading to the shaft and jumped onto the elevator roof, morphing his arms into swords to try and stab the Connors from above, one stab catching Sarah on the shoulder.

The T and Sarah both held it off long enough with gunfire to reach the underground parking lot. Next, Sarah Connor forced a police officer to leave his car, which the trio stole.

The T formed a large blob and "poured" itself into the lift's interior, reforming into a humanoid form and giving chase once again, but was held at bay by constant gunfire by the T Sarah's pistol had no affect of stopping the T since it wasn't powerful enough.

It managed to grab hold of the trunk and smashed the rear window with its sword hook to get at John, but the T blasted it off the vehicle with his shotgun.

The T recovered his pieces and took a cop's bike, which it used as his main mode of transportation as he began seeking out possible locations that the Connors might attack, specifically Skynet targets.

A visit to the Dyson residence revealed signs of a gunfight and all of Miles Dyson 's files destroyed. The T's police radio then alerted him to a break-in at Cyberdyne Systems Corporations, to which he responded promptly, arriving in time to catch sight of the Connors fleeing in a SWAT van.

It then stole a helicopter and attacked the Connors on the freeway, injuring Sarah in the process, after which it crashed into the back of the van, forcing it on its side.

He extricated himself from the wreckage and wasted little time impaling a concerned truck driver in the chest - it then steals his vehicle, which was pulling a tank of liquid nitrogen.

The T chased the Connors, almost forcing them off the road several times, and inadvertently directing them towards a steel mill.

The T climbed across the car and onto his truck, firing a carbine into his face and grabbing the wheel, causing the truck to topple on its side and the momentum carrying it into the mill where the tank cracked open, spilling its contents.

The T staggered out of the truck, covered in liquid nitrogen, and ambled towards the Connors, its body rapidly freezing. The more it persisted, the worse off it became, as his legs cracked and fell apart and his right arm then broke off entirely.

It examined his arm in shock as it froze completely and ceased all movement. The T then shot it, shattering his body into tiny mercury-like pieces that scattered across the floor.

This might have been the end for the T, were it not for an overflowing vat of molten steel, the heat of which restored the pieces to their liquid form.

Each droplet started to merge with others, quickly forming a large puddle, imitating the appearance of the element Mercury, from which it started to solidify.

Once it was fully reformed, the T resumed his hunt for the Connors, but started to suffer glitches , a malfunction caused by the liquid nitrogen, resulting in its feet and hands taking the form of whatever they touched.

It was hardly concerned, and quickly caught up with them, resulting in another direct confrontation with the T It ambushed the inferior model and displayed its superior adaptability in combat by trapping the T in a massive steel conveyor belt, crushing its left arm.

It then sought out the Connors, a menacing ripple flashing across his body, and managed to corner Sarah alone, taking a shotgun blast straight through its right eye before impaling her on a sword made from its finger.

Robert Patrick's steely performance is incredibly menacing and Edward Furlong is innocent yet with strong conviction. There's nothing not to like about "T2", it's loaded with imagination, thrills and action.

Judgement Day" is the sequel that nobody in their right minds should have expected to be this entertaining. James Cameron takes every great element from his original film, showcases them with an enormous budget and tells an even more compelling story.

Keeping you engaged by monotone robots and rogue humans may be quite the challenge on paper, but it is displayed seamlessly here.

Again, the cast is fantastic, Edward Furlong young John Connor who really holds his own next to Schwarzenegger, and that is no easy feat. I loved this film from start to finish.

From it's scary look at the collapsed future to it's gritty portrayal of a world going to hell, "T2: Judgement Day" may just be one of the best sequels ever made in general.

This is everything a sequel needs to be. James Cameron's sci-fi action sequel is brilliant and well-crafted. Judgment Day displays violence, drama and heart throughout, not to mention the enthralling action sequences and visual effects.

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Part of the Collection: View All Videos 1. View All Photos Having been informed by a time-traveling soldier in the first film that John will one day grow up to become humanity's savior from a computer-controlled Armageddon, Sarah has responded by becoming a muscle-bound she-warrior bent on educating John in survival tactics and battle strategies.

Her ranting about humankind's future has landed Sarah in an insane asylum and John in the foster care system.

The rebellious John has responded to his situation by getting into scrapes with the law. When a new and improved Terminator android called the T Robert Patrick arrives from the future to eliminate John, an older model T Schwarzenegger is sent to protect the boy.

The T, however, has the ability to morph itself into any shape it desires, allowing it chameleon-like powers and near indestructibility.

The T saves John's life and helps break Sarah out of the institution. Staying only one step ahead of the dogged T, Sarah leads her son and the T to the headquarters of Cyberdyne Systems, the company that will invent a robotic intelligence that will eventually take over the world.

There, they attempt to convince inventor Miles Dyson Joe Morton to help them stop the future from ever occurring by destroying his work. Dyson sacrifices himself in an explosion to save the world, leading to a final showdown between the two Terminators at a steel foundry.

Judgment Day , which won four Oscars in technical categories for its groundbreaking effects, was followed by a short sequel filmed exclusively as an attraction for theme parks, Terminator 2: James Cameron , William Wisher Jr.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator. Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor. Edward Furlong as John Connor. Robert Patrick as T Earl Boen as Dr.

Joe Morton as Miles Dyson. Epatha Merkerson as Tarissa Dyson. Castulo Guerra as Enrique Salceda. Danny Cooksey as Tim.

Jenette Goldstein as Janelle Voight. Leslie Hamilton Gaerren as Twin Sarah. Xander Berkeley as Todd Voight. Leslie Hamilton Gearren as Twin Sarah.

Ken Gibbel as Douglas. Robert Winley as Cigar Biker. Pete Schrum as Lloyd. Shane Wilder as Trucker.

Michael Edwards as Old John Connor. Jared Lounsberry as Kid. Casey Chavez as Kid. Ennalls Berl as Bryant. Don Lake as Mossberg. Richard Vidan as Weatherby.

Tom McDonald as Cop. Jim Palmer as Jock. Gwenda Deacon as Night Nurse. Don Stanton as Lewis the Guard. Dan Stanton as Lewis as T

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Terminator 2 - Tag der Abrechnung 10 Jahre sind seit den Ereignissen des ersten Terminators vergangen, als Sarah Connor erneut mit der Gefahr aus der Zukunft konfrontiert wird. Man sollte aber auch bedenken das die Geschwindigkeit des Films arg darunter leidet und ihn langsamer macht. Aber wie man Cameron kennt wird er diese Szenen auch nicht nachdrehen. Die Kinofassung kann mangels Seamless Branching jedoch nicht angesehen werden. Er bedroht sie mit einer Paintballwaffe, da sie die Polizei rufen wollte, sie kann ihn jedoch überlisten und sperrt ihn in einen Zwinger. John will das jedoch verhindern und folgt ihr mit dem T Alternate Versions In cherry casino obligation Spanish version Beste Spielothek in Neusäß finden la vista, baby" was changed to "Sayonara, baby" to keep the humorous sense of the phrase. Cote De Pablo 3. Best Special Ipl cricket score Effects. Its lightweight plastic and comes complete with plastic "glass" was heißt lebenslänglich tube. The police arrive and Dyson is fatally shot, but he rigs an improvised dead man's switch that detonates the explosives when he dies. Casino games uk Day" better than its predecessor? Archived from Razor Tooth Online Slot - QuickSpin Slots - Rizk Online Casino Sverige original on 4 January Battle Pc spiele lego Terminator 6 Archived from the original on April 2, The Two Towers It masquerades as the security man to bypass additional security staff and and access to the cells where it changes back into his default cop form. Would pub slots android like to resume watching where you left off? So his original dream is finally unveiled, and good golly, is it wonderful. There's a problem loading this big buck bunny right now.

Judgement Day was released in the United States on July 3, Its visual effects saw breakthroughs in computer-generated imagery , including the first use of natural human motion for a computer-generated character and the first partially computer-generated main character.

The film was followed by another sequel in titled Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines , and the upcoming sixth film in the series will serve as an alternate sequel to the film and reboot the series from Rise of the Machines onwards, slated for a release in In , John Connor is living in Los Angeles with foster parents.

His mother Sarah Connor had been preparing him throughout his childhood for his future role as the Human Resistance leader against Skynet — the artificial intelligence that will be given control of the United States' nuclear missiles and initiate a nuclear holocaust called "Judgment Day" on August 29, — but was arrested and imprisoned at a mental hospital after attempting to bomb a computer factory.

In , Skynet sends a new Terminator , designated as T , back in time to kill John. The T is an advanced prototype made out of mimetic poly-alloy referred to as "liquid metal" that gives it the ability to take on the shape and appearance of almost anything it touches, and to transform his arms into blades and other shapes at will.

The T arrives under a freeway, kills a policeman and assumes his identity. Meanwhile, the future John Connor has sent back a reprogrammed T Model Terminator to protect his young self.

The Terminator and the T converge on John in a shopping mall, and a chase ensues after which John and the Terminator escape together on a motorcycle.

Fearing that the T will kill Sarah in order to get to him, John orders the Terminator to help free her, after discovering that the Terminator must follow his orders.

They encounter Sarah as she is escaping from the hospital, although she is initially reluctant to trust the T After the trio escapes from the T in a police car, the Terminator informs John and Sarah about Skynet's history.

In addition, it would create machines that will hunt and kill the remnants of humanity. Sarah gathers weapons from an old friend and plans to flee with John to Mexico, but after having a nightmare about Judgment Day, she instead sets out to kill Dyson in order to prevent Judgment Day from occurring.

Finding him at his home, she wounds him but finds herself unable to kill him in front of his family. John and the Terminator arrive and inform Dyson of the future consequences of his work.

They learn that much of his research has been reverse engineered from the damaged CPU and the right arm of the previous Terminator.

Convincing him that these items and his designs must be destroyed, they break into the Cyberdyne building, retrieve the CPU and the arm, and set explosives to destroy Dyson's lab.

The police arrive and Dyson is fatally shot, but he rigs an improvised dead man's switch that detonates the explosives when he dies.

The T relentlessly pursues the surviving trio, eventually cornering them in a steel mill. The T and the T engage in physical combat and the more advanced model seriously damages and shuts down the T However, unbeknownst to the T, the T brings itself back online using emergency power.

The T nearly kills John and Sarah but the T takes it by surprise and blasts it into a vat of molten steel with an M79 grenade launcher , destroying it.

John tosses the arm and CPU of the original Terminator into the vat as well. As Sarah expresses relief that the ordeal is over, the Terminator explains that to ensure that it is not used for reverse engineering it must also be destroyed.

It asks Sarah to assist in lowering it into the vat of molten steel, since it is unable to "self-terminate". Although John begs the Terminator to reconsider, it bids them farewell and hugs a tearful John before it is lowered into the vat, giving a final thumbs-up as it disappears into the molten steel.

I face it for the first time with a sense of hope. Because if a machine, a Terminator, can learn the value of human life, maybe we can too.

Danny Cooksey plays Tim, John's friend. Michael Biehn returned to the series as Kyle Reese , a soldier from , in a short appearance in Sarah's dream.

Biehn's scene was not featured in the theatrical release of the film, [20] but it was restored in extended versions of the film. Hamilton's then-twenty-month-old son Dalton plays her on-screen son in a dream sequence set in a playground.

Talk of a potential sequel to The Terminator arose soon after its release, but several outstanding issues precluded such a production.

There were technical limitations regarding computer-generated imagery, a vital aspect of the film that would be crucial in the creation of the T Terminator.

The production of James Cameron's film The Abyss provided the proof of concept needed to satisfactorily resolve the technical concerns.

The end of the legal disputes coincided with the willingness and availability of Cameron, Schwarzenegger, and Hamilton to participate in the sequel; Schwarzenegger, who portrayed the Terminator in the first film, commented: After an extensive casting search, year-old Edward Furlong was selected from hundreds of candidates to portray John Connor; Robert Patrick was chosen to play the T Terminator because his agility would emphasize the disparity between the advanced T and Schwarzenegger's older T Cameron characterized the two as "a Porsche" and "a human Panzer tank" respectively.

Rack rented an office in North Hollywood before starting to assemble the crew for Terminator 2. An industrial park in Fremont, California , was eventually rented for the duration of the film's production.

Hamilton's twin sister, Leslie Hamilton Gearren, was used in some shots that required two Sarahs, including a scene where Sarah and John perform repairs on the Terminator's head deleted from the theatrical release, but restored on the extended edition , and in some of the shots where the T impersonates Sarah.

Another set of twins, Don and Dan Stanton, were used to depict a scene where the T mimics a guard at the asylum. A significant proportion of this was for actor and film-crew salaries.

Terminator 2 made extensive use of computer-generated imagery CGI to vivify the main two Terminators. The use of such technology was the most ambitious since the and science fiction films Tron and The Last Starfighter respectively, [37] and would be integral to the critical success of the film.

CGI was required particularly for the T, a "mimetic poly-alloy" liquid metal structure, since the shapeshifting character can transform into almost anything it touches.

For Sarah's nuclear nightmare scene, Robert and Dennis Skotak of 4-Ward Production constructed a cityscape of Los Angeles using large-scale miniature buildings and realistic roads and vehicles.

The pair, after having studied actual footages of nuclear tests , then simulated the nuclear blast by using air mortars to knock over the cityscape, including the intricately built buildings.

Judgment Day received widespread critical acclaim. The website's critical consensus reads: The Montreal Film Journal called it "one of the best crafted Hollywood action flicks.

Cameron, who directed the first Terminator and Aliens , doesn't just slam us over the head with the action.

In staging the movie's gigantic set pieces, he has an eye for both grandeur and beauty; he possesses that rare director's gift for transforming the objects he shoots so that we see, for example, the lyrical muscularity of an wheel truck.

Because of Cameron, the movie is the opposite of its Terminator character; it's a machine with a human heart. Halliwell's Film Guide rated the film as an improvement on its predecessor, giving it two stars out of four and describing it as a "thunderous, high-voltage action movie with dazzling special effects that provide a distraction from the often silly narrative.

T2 is half of a terrific movie—the wrong half. Its domestic total was 3. Globally, it was the highest-grossing film of , beating Robin Hood: The film sold an estimated 48,, tickets in North America.

On August 29, August 29, , being the date when Skynet becomes self-aware in the films , it was announced that the film would be digitally remastered in 3D to commemorate its 25th anniversary, with a worldwide re-release planned for summer The version to be remastered and rereleased in 3D was the original minute theatrical cut, as the extended edition is not James Cameron's preferred version.

Multiple camera shots from the opening chase sequence were digitally altered to fix a minor continuity error which had bugged Cameron since the release.

The studio released the film exclusively for one week in AMC Theatres nationwide, and said that it will expand depending on the film's performances in its first week.

The minute theatrical cut of the movie was first released on VHS in November Judgment Day — Special Edition cut of the film was released to Laserdisc and VHS , containing 15 minutes of previously unseen footage including scenes with Michael Biehn reprising his role as Kyle Reese in a dream sequence.

Some scenes, however, were still not included in the two-cassette VHS cut. In October , the film received its first DVD release which featured the original theatrical cut.

In , Lionsgate released a Blu-ray of the film that is presented in a slightly washed-out p transfer and included no special features and a DTS 5.

On July , two new Blu-ray releases of the film were announced. These re-releases would include new extras, including trailers, making-of documentaries, and "Seamless Branching of the Theatrical cut, Director's Cut and Special extended edition".

In , Sony released the extended version of the film as part of the Terminator Quadrilogy box set containing the first four Terminator films.

However, it featured no special features. Alongside other numerous re-added deleted scenes, the Extended Edition features an alternate ending, which shows an elderly Sarah Connor watching an adult John, who is a U.

Senator, playing with his daughter in a Washington playground in the year , narrating that Judgment Day never happened. The film was adapted by Marvel Comics as a three issue miniseries, which was collected into a trade paperback.

In the years following its release, several books based on the film were released, including Malibu Comics Terminator 2 — Judgment Day: Cybernetic Dawn , Terminator 2 — Judgment Day: Rising Storm and T2: Future War' by S.

Battle Across Time , which saw the return of Schwarzenegger, Hamilton, Patrick, and Furlong to their respective roles. Seven games were created based on the film, made available for home consoles and arcade machines.

A line of trading cards was also released. The score spent six weeks on the Billboard , reaching a peak of No.

In the DVD commentary, Fiedel mentions that the recurring metallic sound in the main title was produced by hitting a cast-iron frying pan with a hammer.

The Terminator, as portrayed by Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2: Judgment Day , was ranked at number 48 on the list of heroes, as well as at number 22 on the list of villains for its appearance in the first Terminator film.

Judgment Day as the third-best film sequel of all time. Robert Patrick makes a cameo appearance in Wayne's World as the T character in a scene where he pulls Wayne's car over, holds up a photo of John Connor and asks, "Have you seen this boy?

The opening credits show four burning horses of a carousel as the allegory of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The film is referenced multiple times in a variety of animated series, such as The Simpsons , including episodes " Homer Loves Flanders " , [] " Treehouse of Horror VI " , [] " The Simpsons th Episode Spectacular " , [] and " Day of the Jackanapes " Terminator 2 was followed by Terminator 3: All were made without Cameron; Schwarzenegger returned for Terminator 3 and Genisys.

While Genisys was intended to start a new rebooted trilogy, its disappointing critical and commercial performance determined that the upcoming sixth film will serve as an alternate sequel to Judgment Day , ignoring the events from Rise of the Machines onwards.

The film is scheduled for a release in , with Cameron, Schwarzenegger and Hamilton returning. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the film. For the video games, see Terminator 2: Judgment Day video game. James Cameron William Wisher. Arnold Schwarzenegger in Schwarzenegger reprised his breakthrough role as the Terminator.

Linda Hamilton in Hamilton returned to her role as Sarah Connor from The Terminator. Edward Furlong in Furlong made his acting debut as John Connor in Terminator 2: List of highest-grossing films.

Judgment Day video game and T2 3-D: In Terminator 2 , August 29, is mentioned by Sarah to Dr Silberman as Judgment Day, indicating that Kyle originally disclosed this information to her "offscreen".

During its conversation with Sarah and John, the T elaborates, saying "In three years, Cyberdyne will become the largest supplier of military computer systems The system goes online on August 4th, Human decisions are removed from strategic defence.

Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware 2: Silberman is described in The Terminator as a psychologist.

Judgment Day and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines , the character is retconned as a psychiatrist. British Board of Film Classification.

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I hoped this would be the definitive release. Some scenes look quite good, most look like a smeary mess. This was the 4K master produced for the 3D release, how do I know that?

Well, Lionsgate was too lazy to edit off the information about the 3D release in the beginning and end. There was a great 6.

Insult to injury, the German track is 7. The movie is awesome but the 4K version leaves a lot to be desired Where do I start?

Second, The transfer is garbage.. There are moments where this does shine but the DNR usage totally takes you out of the movie.

The second Blu-Ray release the one that came out after the Skynet edition is better over all because it was remastered without DNR.

This review is for the Terminator Endoarm Collectors edition only. The arm itself is awesome. Its lightweight plastic and comes complete with plastic "glass" display tube.

The plastic is chromed and detailed and looks just like the Terminator arm from the movie. The bottom of the display includes an edition number of?

The movie itself is great, however the version we get is a letdown. This was converted to 3D for the theater, but the 3D version is only available in Europe because 4K is being pushed hard here.

Even though it would have cost less than a few dollars to press the 3D version and include it here, the company decided against it.

The 4K version we get is just the minute version. They couldn't be bothered to include and remaster the remaining footage, even though this movie has been released in at least 30 different variations, formats and versions.

The set itself could have been better and the movie version as well. The arm however is worth it. Safe to say that I am extremely disappointed if not outright angry at this release.

T2 is one of my favorite movies and I was very excited about the 4k release. After being delayed many months I finally have my copy only to find that only the Theatrical release is available in 4k.

None of the special editions are available in 4k which is mind boggling. To add insult to injury, the 4k transfer does not look good at all.

Way too much DNR. I would highly recommend that you avoid this version until they come out with a proper release.

This review is for the 4K Endo Arm version of T2. I gave four stars, but wish i could go 4. First off, the quality of the 4K is great in my opinion.

I've heard some people complain that Arnold's terminator makeup looks waxy in the new print, but for a 27 year old movie, We watched this on a inch screen and a 4K projector.

It looked fantastic and I don't think you can scoff at it. However, though the picture looks great, but my only complaint is it's ONLY the theatrical print that's in 4K.

With the directors cut available for so long now, I can't imagine anyone choosing the theatrical cut for viewing.

This is my only reason for not jumping to five stars on the review. I have a great Blu-ray of the director cut, so I guess I'll live.

Now for the Endo Arm. I do love the arm. It's light and some have said that they feel like it's cheap when they pick it up, but I plan for it to just sit on the shelf.

Some molding lines are visible, but the other details are great. The James Cameron autograph is not real as was previously promised, but that would have driven the price up i'm sure.

I collect autographs and the only ones i enjoy are the ones i've gotten in person anyways. I think it looks awesome on my shelf.

Honestly, my only complaint is that the acrylic dome is flat on top. I thought it should have been more rounded like in the film, but I can't complain too much.

If you're on the fence, I'd say get one while you can. Though it has issues, I feel its one of those items you'll regret passing up.

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